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Sleeping Vettel make’s it a dream for Webber

Vettel seems to be making a habit of deliberately kicking the axe, seven pole positions and just one win. I feel it is things like these that ultimately take a toll on drivers confidence and eventually effect his driving. What’s the point of being much faster than your team-mate if you cannot beat him on Sunday. Vettel knows he’s faster, the team knows he’s faster and  so does Mark Webber, but their acknowledgement won’t win him the championship, unless he’s able pull himself clear of Webber. a win just before the summer break would’ve given him a fill up, instead he goes into the break with a moral sapping result.

Webber’s “not bad for a no. 2 driver…” comment seems even more inappropriate considering how he comes out shining, in worst of conditions and how it is always the other way round for Vettel. He (Vettel) must be exasperated by now, every time he is about to take the lead (mantle of being the lead driver) something goes wrong for him. One can only hope he won’t let it affect him.  To his credit Vettel  handled himself rather well at the post race conference. By the way why was Mark Webber acting like a class monitor, shrugging at the way Alonso and Vettel sat (leg on the laps, even if it is not proper etiquette, its none of his business. Or maybe i am just overreacting

"What was I thinking"

Finally, whats wrong with Michael Schumacher, he was rubbing dirt in the face of his critics untill he pulled that move on Barichello. That’s totaly unacceptable, it was way too dangerous, i think he’s gonna receive a lot of stick for it. On the other hand if he’d let Ruben’s through, he’d have still made his point, Rubens was almost three seconds a lap faster than him, still took him almost four laps to make a pass.


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