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Alonso’s win poetic justice.

Scuderia FerrariA lot has been said and written about Alonso’s win in the German gp. Most of what’s been written is in angst against Alonso & Ferrari specifically and F1 in general.  I don’t understand what the fuss is all about. For all those who feel that Alonso and Ferrari have cheated, i would like them to answer these straight forward questions.

  1.  Wasn’t it the fastest driver who won yesterday?
  2.  Isn’t Alonso in a better position (choice) to mount a challenge for drivers championship?
  3. Should a team not be allowed to safeguard its interests or have a say in its own matters?
  4. Don’t the other teams also indulge in these (team order’s) practises?   

As far as I am concerned the answer to all the questions above should be a simple ‘yes’. I have seen comments of supposed “F1 fans” bitterly complaining about team orders. I don’t know what to say to them, should they be lambasted for calling themselves fans of Formula 1 when they don’t understand the most basic principle of the sport i.e. it is a team sport. And for better or worse what ever suits a team will play itself out on the track. This has, is and always will be the case, ban or no ban. Anyone who thinks otherwise is kidding himself and should take to other sports, pronto.

As for singling out Alonso and Ferrari, that too in my humble opinion id totally unjustified. Lets take up the latter first, Ferrari has only done what every other team in the paddock does, albeit, perhaps  a little more subtly(Mclaren in Turkish GP). But even then the fans know, so better to be obvious about it, rather than make mockery of their knowledge. Sure not everyone would agree on this one, as they would rather be duped into believing that no team order’s exist. Ignorance, after all, is bills. As for Alonso, again i cannot understand how he’s at fault, in all that transpired? He was clearly faster than Massa, had to good runs on him, backing out both time to avoid the Red Bull saga at the Turkish GP. Showed his frustration at Massa’s  callous defending “this is ridiculous guys”.  The next time he caught Massa i am sure he wasn’t going to be as charitable as in the two previous runs, so his comment could be interpreted as “this is ridiculous guys…. don’t blame me if it ends in tears the next time around”. If anything, I personally feel that Alonso, after his acrimonious split from Mclaren has been a little bit reluctant to battle it out with his team-mate on track. He has been happy to follow Massa (Australian gp) and wait for a chance to make a clean pass or wait for the pit stops, despite him being faster than Massa and loosing time to the front-runners.  

Michael Schumacher after the Austrian GP  fiasco put it quiet aptly when questioned about the driver hierarchy. He said something on the lines ‘both drivers start the season with equal opportunities, with no team orders and no bias. So if, during the course of the season one driver comprehensively outshines the other, the team must be ready to make difficult decisions (issue team orders) or assign the drivers the no.1 no. 2 tag’. This is very much the case with Ferrari right now, and although mathematically, Massa  is still in with a chance, it borders on impossible. Alonso on the other hand has as a good a chance as anyone else in the top five, hence the team did what it did. Alonso has been the one holding the fort for Ferrari this season, and it is only right that he wins the Grand Prix (German) where he was untouchable throughout the weekend. I can sympathise with Massa, but equally i am sure that he knew this would happen at some point this season. And if Massa can raise his game next year, like he did with Kimi, and get himself in a position where Alonso is at the moment, i am sure he too will receive the same treatment.


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